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The Wood

Outdoor furniture made of scaffolding

In the Netherlands it is very popular for years, furniture made from wooden scaffolding, because they are very affordable, strong and the y have modern designs. As of now also available in northern Spain!

This wood has been used outside for years in the most adverse climatic conditions in the Netherlands.It is completely dry and elaborated and therefore very suitable for the manufacture of solid furniture. Our furniture requires minimal maintenance while retaining its color.
In addition to our standard models, we can also manufacture other models and measurements on request.

The standard furniture we manufacture are: chairs, tables, armchairs, deckchairs, side tables ... and much more!
Obviously, our furniture is excellent to use inside your house.
Don,t forget to think at several projects such as furnishing or installing shops, stands, terraces, etc.

The manufacturing center is in Besalú (Girona) and we deliver the furniture at home.


The furniture does not require much maintenance, but when it comes to outdoor furniture, you can protect these extra, from the sun and rain, with a special oil. This oil is available in several colors, see below .





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